The Lake

Round Lake is great for fishing, skiing and swimming. There are only a few permanent houses on it and it is 40 acres in size. The water is very clear and clean without many weeds ect. Bass, Panfish and Crappies can be found just off the dock!

The lake does not get much traffic and is the perfect anglers getaway! It is 50' deep at the deepest point. Your small fishing boat / pontoons are welcome - Round Lake is a closed throttle lake. A 12' fishing boat, paddle boat, and two canoes are provided for guests at no extra charge.

300 feet of westward facing lakeshore are there for you to enjoy. We have a 75' beautiful sugar-sand beach with a dock. By the end of July the lake temp is usually in the 80s. The lake bottom by the beach is firm and great for swimming. The dock is 48' long and the depth at the end is roughly 4' to 5' deep.